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This page will include brief biographies of members who are Out.

Kennet Gencks - I am 51 years old, married, FTM Transgendered person without HRT or surgical intervention. I self-identify as a gay male. I've lived in Indianapolis for over 15 years now, and I have been Episcopalian for 4 years now. I am disabled, and need to use a wheelchair if I am traveling any distance. Interesting things about me? I'm a serious cat person (currently we have 4. Lobbying for #5 in June is ongoing.) I'm an avid reader, although I have to use my Kindle these days as I can no longer read 'ordinary' sized fonts with ease. I like SF&F, especially Military SF and Urban Fantasy, I also enjoy Horror and Historical fiction. My hobbies include roleplaying games (Currently playing The Storyteller System, New World of Darkness.) and computers and computing. I'm way behind the times on computer games, as I really can't play things that demand fast responses and high dexterity. (I am a turn-based sort of gamer.) When I do play games, I especially enjoy games that involve exploration and discovery, and building. (Games like Civilization are old favorites.) I'm a pretty calm person overall...conservation of energy really, as energy wasted in spazzing out could better be used in solving problems.